Why We Should to Stop Comparing Ourselves With Others — A Motivation Brief


In other’s something what we really want sometimes hit. Our life’s so difficult. We sometimes cannot be pure ourselves, and the other side we cannot be somebody else. So why then, these things will always be not enough?

“The God’s blessings are very broad, can we should be thank for this?” — the sentence we have already knew, but the implementation is a hardest to be. In the society nowadays, many of them realised how our styles actually break the common rules. A beauty. We can be anything we want without a long considerations, and without an afraidness to not be other’s ‘something’.

“We create a fashion style that we want it shown to the world. We trust this is much prettier. But when it starts, a self-doubt emerge. Think that it is much oddity, not suitable, and the other minds.”

From this case, we are actually trying to not be ourselves. We just want to follow what other’s expecting. That’s a really bad understanding. So you can imagine it, when you stop being you overall, it would be hard to get back on what’s God has given to you.

When we compare ourselves with others, so do they are, it is something sickening. We will always be not the same thing, and the comparing is always committed. Anything, anywhere.

The beauty in us, and what other’s ‘haves’ are the difference that should not be controverted. We cannot easily judging because it’s theirs. And what God created is actually an uniqueness that must be preserved.

“A one thing that reminds me of gratefulness is about an actress is enjoying her origin skin color — a tan skin for Indonesian woman, even more darker but it is something she want to thank for. She prouds of being tan, no more than tan skin that brings her the ‘influential actress’ and the most beautiful woman that breaks the common beauty rules. By her appearance and her self-confidence, she can run the world. She doesn’t care of what people said about her body size, her skin color, and what current she does.”

I saw her when the last night she got a winning-award of the best film actress. She dressed very well, and of course, unique and beautiful. And the few minutes then, a good news come within the media that tells everybody online at explores ‘She breaks the common beauty rules’. It’s quiet nice.

She enjoys being ‘something’ that others don’t really have. Noted that not every woman can do this way. Every woman born in different way, and also a different mind.

If people said, the more you whiten your skin, the more you being beautiful. And it was totally a wrong mind. I don’t even want to whiten the skin for unhealthy reason. I know what I want to be, so I close all the talks that related — and yeah, this is the right decision. I know everybody is beautiful without any exaggerated changes. Once again, a beauty is depending on us, not others.




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