What Happen if You Cut off All Social Media

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We already knew that social media is the way to express something, our feelings, our activities in moreoften. We now live in cyberspace in which we don’t know with whom we actually interact. But we need a social media to feed ourselves. Social media is something to be needed, whether for individual needs or a bussiness.

And currently social media is less social than ever. People are busy with their life. They own a style, a bussiness, a new brand, so that they forget of what’s the truly definition of ‘social media’. First of all, we know its social media function. To make friends, to know each other, and make relations from people we may suggest.

Social media function changed or moved when we already set the goals. It’s not far from our purposes having a social media. And mostly we were already stuck in the rules of society about its social media. About how people define a beauty, what is success actually best, and more. So whether you want it or not, you followed that rules.

Social media sometimes distracting. You can understand why, and what the experts said about social media: it is may harm for mental health, especially for teens (CNN, 2019). And how many people are feeling distracted from social media they used, it was affecting the bran and their behavior.

What if Cutting All Social Media?

Sometimes we urge to close all the social media we have, whether it’s instagram, facebook, or twitter. Besides, it’s hardest thing to take it out of your hands. You want to check it more than twice, or as often as possible. But at one time, you should try to leave your phone and just start the day without any interference. Playing with social media continously makes your brain burdened, and forgetting how to be a happy person.

Here’s why you should try to close all social media:

A Fresh Mind to Start

It’s time to rest for all that distracting. Not all the things can be permeated. If you cutting off all social media, you would turn into zero feels. It is not only calming your mind, it is restoring back your energy. Before, you have spent your much energy to social media. Any predujices, and you don’t know how to think positively.

The Less Social Media Activity, The Less Pain You’ll Get

Is that related to you recently? I feel you. Social media is activity in which you interact with the posts. Seems like people posted about to quip everyone else there. Or by reading the words, it’s just relating to your life’s experience. The less you feel about it, the less pain you’ll get. It’s all depending on your attitude within social media world. So don’t be too much at caring what people do.

You Can Breathe More

Make a space between you and social media. Not using social media doesn’t mean you lose what interests you. Really. You would breathe more, feel none if you start to cut off. After hours long or just few days later, you can open it again. But noted, you have to eliminate all things that distracting. Just focus on the family feeds, for ex., without following other profiles.

So here are the points you can follow. Sometimes we need a space in order we can concentrate to something we love. We’re all loving ourselves. Don’t hurting yourself from social media. Be calm and wise.




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