What Gets You Attention From The Stories You Have Published


It’s not getting much easier about to how reach the audience. Expectedly, it comes when I have posted my stories.

I do many writings, so I think it would be nice to reach more audiences and more claps. Untill I stuck with all of these, so I change the direction. It could be something new for regeneration my way of writing stories.

One day I grabbed a very interesting quote about marketing insight. The thoughts made me an inspiration for creating. And I think, it is not just applied for everyday marketing practice. It is funny how writing is also the part of marketing:

“What gets people want to follow your account, buy your products, or even watch your video? It’s all about the attention — the attention does matter because you are unique. They look your different personality, such a new inspiration for they to continue.”

When you build a profile, it means you have to introduce something to the world about how you become. Then, what others see about you is the representation of your posts. For example, if you posted your daily pantings, you will be connected with other painters and collectors. What gets you attention is your own painting. People have their interest and do what they think it’s best.

If you are writing a story, you can imagine it as same as the quote above. Writing is simply as its goal, to reach more readers or followers. So you can apply this trick to boost your audience.

The Stories They Might Not Known

This is the best trying when you start writing. People are usually boring with something that they have known, they read everyday. They skip it and wanting to learn a new way, a new skills.

The experience tells everything. It also matters when you can create your own great stories. The stories should be contain a little more bit controversial and made them learn from your stories.

A Great Title That Sells

When it is aimed for market, for your growing audience, it would be great. You should be creative for this, because good writing comes from persuasive title. It means you have to be extra for creating unique title that other writers don’t have.

The title is everything. Title is representing your own writing and very decisive, whether they want to read your article or not. Based on the title you made.

Can you imagine when you become the audience? What would you feel when you scroll down the article that featured? Is that interesting for you to continue reading?

Be You Consistently

It is not easy to follow our heart, to write that should be published. It does matter. Very much. We might follow other rules, but in reality we have to be different.

You can write with your own pitch, not others. It is simply for others to know who you are, who are the real you.

The New Words They Didn’t Ever Heard

A new writing to be featured is making people’s first impression. It seems the writer have their own words that unconscious us, so they fall into that writing. It tells uncommon things, the new experience, and the new trend.

Without realizing, we also follow that rules and it happens in moreoften. This way is usually used for marketing reasons. They tell us what’s the new.




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