The Old Time Koes Plus And Their Music Journey

Written by F. Imanda

Koes Plus hits began in 70’s era. An iconic music group from Indonesia that brought everything in. Too old but a good start to remember. Koes Plus produced at least 10 tracks in a month, that’s why they were called as productive music group from Guinness Record. More than 80 albums and 500 songs published.

What made their songs become more popular than ever? The answers are the great personnels, they were music legends which successfully bring the popularity in the first of time. Now they gone forever, but their music idealism won’t be the last.

The maestro, the leader of Koes Plus, Tonny Koeswoyo was struggled in his music journey. It was not easy to form the music again when their friends wanted to leave it. So, Tonny took a trust with new personnel to fill the new journey.

Murry, a drummer from Koes Plus had no relationship with Koes’s family, but he was loyal within the group and realized that Koes Plus is winning his heart. He wanted a stay, a productive work in Koes Plus to bring back the great atmosphere again.

Besides these two personnels, they are also Yok Koeswoyo and Yon Koeswoyo also had great memories to our fans journey. They were all playing instruments and the key personnels behind the song ‘Kolam Susu’, ‘Why Do You Love Me’, ‘Tul Jaenak’, ‘Nusantara 3’, and more to be ahead.

As Koes Plus listeners, we wouldn’t say it is short. We had all their works, we listen to their music journey, so there were not limited songs that already mentioned above. None of their music was going to be unknown, they were so highly popular and recommended.

3 years ago, right in 2018, the last personnel of Koes Plus Yon Koeswoyo died in age 78. Once again, he was the last personnel that still alive while others already gone first.

Now in modern world that we live in, Koes Plus stills, be the music legend we want for. The music, the lyrics, and all-in one that appears, they taught me the consistency. The songwriting. The inspiring journey.

So, have you heard about them? Tell me what music part you loved from Koes Plus!




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