The Most 5 Effective Promotion Strategies

  1. There are many starters are struggling with the word ‘promotion’ instead of focusing on that one thing. Promotion is actually more than promoting. Everyone knows how to post, how to sell their products, and know really well what they want. But the truly things are, they don’t know the sense of customers. Really. Winning the customer’s heart is everything.
  2. Promotion is building relationships. And the loyalty is the status that appears. Well, this is a kind of short philosophy. Promotion is not only boosting the sales, but also winning the customers.
  3. If you don’t have enough money for budgeting, use free services that available on the internet. Use free promotion on social media, free ads, reels Instagram, or a video. That’s enough, right?

Design your social media post

Use video to engage people

Use freemium ads

Optimizing social media content



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