Lyrics Writing Hacks That You Should Know

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Writing song lyrics is more than an emotion. Emotion means you understand what’s on your own heart. Writing lyrics, for every lyricist, is difficult to craft, generate great lyrics that no one has been felt before. Lyrics visualize its music, the artist, and the whole stories that live.

As a lyricist, writing a song lyrics need more practices. Like another lyrics crafter, lyrics is purposed for feeding their brain, or a therapy. Lyrics can be better one for your music release too. Without lyrics, you can’t tell to the world who you are and your past.

Some of you might don’t understand how to write better lyrics. And some of you might don’t know how becoming a lyricist that everyone wants to hear. When you craft a better lyrics, you are trying to make better music. I have several points that you should know about lyrics writing hacks.

Writing lyrics is not about that familiar

Certain musician and lyricist say that writing lyrics are more than familiar. The words they craft and also the music are considered as something that always remembered. They’re trying to write lyrics that meaning more, so the listeners can replay.

While you are not a poetry enthusiast anymore, but you still can write a lyrics that familiar. Writing a lyrics is not that hard if you want to practice by time to time. But once you get the answer for your lyrics, it can be the best moment at the best time.

Find the lyrics that no one else has

When someone says, “I have heard it before” or “I’m bored with all the lyrics I have heard, sounds familiar” and there’s the truth for you to know. But a musician or a lyricist can put the creativity into the words they have crafted. They want to bring something that unleash to their listeners. What is it? The meaningful lyrics, the different one, and the music that fits into the lyrics.

Writing lyrics that no one else has seems tricky. Meanwhile, you are still learning by your lyrics writing. But if you want to think out of mind, you will get used to it. It will makes you understand that writing lyrics need a creative skill.

Adjust your lyrics with your some-ready instruments

It is the first trial when you want to make real music. Use an easy method that fits to you. For example, you make both projects, lyrics and the music. Adjust your lyrics with the music you have created. Or, you can make both projects in the same time. This things will help you to accomplish the project easily.

What’s the best music for your lyrics? If you write a love song, you may have a several options: ambience, pop, or something else that could be enhance your project. If you feel the lyrics are complicated, you can choose to own your music. Most of musician do this. But actually, there’s no rules for music-making. As long as you can fulfill what musician’s wants, the tone, beat, the color, or something that relate, you’ll win the game.

Don’t repeat the same words

Based on, avoid repeating the words too much in your lyrics within your individual songs. Repetition and real creativity are opposite. Putting serious thought into what you want to say to the listeners and, how you want to say it will result in lyrics that will reach your listeners.

The first lyric and then when you want to continue to the next lyrics, is all about the ‘continuity story’. Make your listeners feel flow at their first’s listening to your own music. In the certain part, you should use this trick to make your music complete.




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