I think the spiral of silence theory is more happening right now than I realize

Written by Fantasia Imanda B.P


We’re all in the same communication platform. Social media is now a mainstream media, so we are not going to chase it all again. We are just living the way it be. The world changed as people changed in social media. And about this theory, I think it’s the best time to have a dig in.

People always keep moving in social media, and they are too fast. It’s a world-spreading information that urged us to understand what current trends. That’s how social media works. But there’s a missing moment in social media we need to remember: the fact. The happening. The secret. The phenomenal stories in social media where we haven’t explained it yet.

It’s all about people in social media. The words they commented in social media already is always beat-hearted. Sometimes nice, but sometimes it’s just attacking one another. So here’s why the spiral of silence theory hits on social media so far.

And I think the theory has proved its presence now. In social media we’re getting in, it is possible to find something we have never seen. Social media seems like a clue to the best problematic of spiral of silence theory. I mean, it’s the best time for getting back to the theory.

Media is a system to shape the opinion. And social media has a high contrast for this. The mind. The trust. This is how media has the power to create and switch. Then I think the spiral of silence theory is just in the lower level of understanding the media. The fact says more than we realize.

People in social media also have the power. But right before, media has the power to switch.

We hear the major voices, but sometimes we forget the others. The women and the other minorities. And here’s for the question: Why it is hard to get the attention for media about women.

We already knew the women voices are very important. Women want to be heard. This is how the connection between media and women nowadays are very complicated and invisible.

Media described as the power, the women described as minority. We can feel it why this is always happening. The woman itself. Or the media. It is long-complicated relationships. Women has no place for this. And the media has no attention to switch.

I think this is how spiral of silence theory goes to. And in social media, we find it in many. We think and learn, but we would never forget the stories.




Medium blogger & writer. Create a meaning in every chance

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Fantasia Imanda

Fantasia Imanda

Medium blogger & writer. Create a meaning in every chance

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