Few Steps Back in Blog Marketing I Have Tried


Blog marketing isn’t everything, but everything needs blog marketing to make your brand known as well. Why blog marketing is the one of recommended marketing strategy; it’s just a choice. Yeah, it’s a choice more than you think. And I’m not talking much about it. I believe in blog marketing, how to run it, and how to make it as tools.

Many sites explain about blog marketing, and they are free. From the easiest to advanced learning. As a personal blogger, I think both is just important if I need them at anytime. Learning blog marketing is not limited to all ages and genders. So here’s why blog marketing is always interesting.

Few days I didn’t write anything, but in this post I will try to explain what I have tried so far. It’s not about a great achievement, it’s evaluation. Based on what I wrote on Medium and also, social media posts that linked to this blog. I owned my blog marketing as I owned my blog in personal.

Actually, blog marketing is the way you write consistently and beautifully. Storytelling is the simplest way I can use, then think the topic that not bored the readers. It is when you can think the behind, you can get the output you want. As you deem your readers as a market, you will know what’s best for your blog writing. Here are what I evaluate.

Make your readers a chance to see

It’s hard to say, “Readers are most important” or “What I write is what people want for”. When I started writing about motivational topic, or the story of the figures, I made them the readers want to see. It was a positive beginning. And here’s the result; I got a new engagements. I don’t know whether it is from the blog promotion or an organic visitors. Meanwhile, writing is just a fresh start. Not too much experiences.

Story is everything

Not too much explaining about tricks or a general philosophy, but when you have a deep story to share, it’s good though, you need a big energy and deep thoughts. Sometimes, telling a controversy is not always in mind. We consider at much. But actually we can make it purposeful. Story is everything and people want your negative story than an average.

If the audience doesn’t work, you need to evaluate your writings

But it’s not about how much you get claps, it’s about the truth — evaluate the writings. If you ‘can give what people need’ or something that relevant and interesting to your readers, you are what they want to follow. Audience is just an organic, and it is a measurement of how you can present to the world.

When you have a magic sense

You think, you do. Scared of everything will become is a dangerous thing especially in a writing. Build a magic sense that nobody has and it would an interesting habit to start. It means you are writing based in your perspective and language, not others. An exceptional.

Know how many posts you want to share

It’s all about consistence. You have to plan, run, and evaluate. The amount of post is affecting your blog visitors. Your blog posts will get chance to be visited by others if you write two, three, or more articles in a day. So they see you active. If you find it hard and seems to be tricky, I think the best way is to planning ahead before it’s too late. The topic first, and make a headline that makes your blog worth to see.




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