Design Thinking Would be Our Future Soft Skills Need

By Fantasia Imanda B P

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The world we live in now are uncertain and complex. What is design thinking? It is part of required skills in the innovative jobs. It’s too late to know the latest technology that urged us to work in a global life. We knew that soft skills involve: leadership, communication, and collaboration that most valuable for the employer through the corporate trainings. And this era, design thinking would be a nicely first thing and a great one in our faster world.

A design thinking is needed to determine the individual success rather than a hard skill. Based in PointExperience blog, The World Economic Forum ranked problem solving, critical thinking and creativity as the top three skills employees needed to thrive in the workplace of the future. LinkedIn found similar results. In a 2018 learning trends report, 57 percents of business leaders said soft skills are more important than hard skills in job performance.

And how to answer this challenge (ex. problem solving, creativity)?

The answer is: Design thinking. Problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, leadership, collaboration and communication are the fundamental elements of any successful design thinking projects. When employees go through a design thinking training program, it’s basically a good course on current’s job most demand.

Technology has made it easier to find anything we want. With design thinking, people would be able to use the software in less effort. Also remembering our complex tasks, design thinking helps us to simplifying the work methods such us drawing, make a concept, or just visualizing. More specifically, design thinking is made for certain problems. The employees who need a design thinking are they who work over the industries like software or application publishers, management and scientific services, and insurance carriers.

Based on about design thinking, here are the reasons why these industries relate to design thinking:

  1. The application developers are simply needed for the life sustainability. Design thinking is an essential skill for this. The users are design, and the design thinking methods are how we can solve what users need.
  2. Product Manager: “It lies on deep design thinking, customer empathy, market understanding, and data-driven execution.”
  3. Design Architect: “We do this by building new and improving existing processes, platforms, applications and interfaces within the organization using industry best practices and emphasizing the user experience, design thinking, and collaborative initiatives.”
  4. HR Operations Project Manager: “This role focuses on promoting efficiency and productivity by providing expertise in these areas: desktop/mobile web development, design thinking, and overall project management.”

So, the design thinking is a method for the problem solving, then brainstorming better, and more innovative solutions to directly solve for that needs. It follows a six step process (Finding opportunities, creating solutions) that gives users a framework for engaging with customers, driving creativity, and giving the solutions to get to the best result (ExperiencePoint Blog, 2021).




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Fantasia Imanda

Fantasia Imanda

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