Content is no longer an inspiring creative purpose, it should be a content economy

Content is no longer a creative purpose. It is what it is, every creator ends up with sales from the content they have created. You should upscaling your content. Yes, you do.

Social media has changed, people grow faster, and see how online transaction acitivities really impacted. It is defining how creator should ends up with.

Content is just a seconds from your brain. Sometimes you don’t really need more creative spaces. You don’t need to amaze people. Content is below the expectations ‘well said and well informed and well educated’. You are now living the virality as well.

Content is a job, but none of you surprise about this

We are creating content as a job. Selling the product, selling the information, then to strengthen the brand image. The creative content is the another level of exist. I believe that the content is more than a business. The factors putting them into the deal are the audiences that you already succeed.

Content = sales. It is about to how content can drive more sales. It starts with the strategic thinking, the idea, and the audience formulation. Long live the content creators. Y’all already knew the challenges.

Content upscaling sometimes what most creators afraid of

Content is more than a business. You take the efforts too long wait for the miracle happens. You won’t know until it changes. Small business with the relevant content is great, than a content without any business goals. It is right away, every creator ends up with sales.

And what are we afraid of? We are too complicated, too early to act quickly. Meanwhile being a creator or creating content need a long process to get something bigger.

Content sales are more risky

Viewed by more audiences and get more engagements are the indication about the succesful of building powerful in the brand image. It is also a risky job for a high creator level. The content sales, you might have hearing this sound, and indirectly you are a creator with the potential to invite new customers. No more contents = no more sales.

Face the changeable trends

It is very highly possible to affect the online consumer behavior, but not all really into the trends. As a creator, we will always find the trends based on the character and ages. The changeable trends are the part of them. What do you really like? And what drives you follow something on the internet?

Written by Fantasia I.




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Fantasia Imanda

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