Bring Me The Horizon Reframed The Outstanding Rage in The New Single ‘Lets Get The Party Started’

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Let’s Get The Party Started is already out in the 22th September ago. Bring Me The Horizon dragged into the rage style, reframed the new spirit of rock. They got the featuring with Tom Morello.

Last year of 2020 was the moment of the dim world. Bring Me The Horizon recorded the eighth album under the lockdown. The track called Parasite Eve become so popular. Before it listed into Post Human: Survival Horror, the fans were very energized with the upcoming album that not announced yet.

In the last release, Bring Me The Horizon brings the new direction on how they reframed the rage style with Tom. It was excited when Tom collaborated with Bring Me The Horizon, the popular rock band in the world. Let say, Tom Morello is the most iconic guitarist — winning 2 grammys. So, what can we say with that?

The song was written with the separated musician in the different countries, Tom — Los Angeles, Oli — Brazil, Jordan — England. They were writing in current pandemic situation; living in frustation moments.

Before Let’s Get The Party Started released, Tom announced the collaboration with Phantogram titled “Driving to Texas”. So, Tom worked aligning with the two of them.

Tom played the guitar solo in the new single with Bring Me The Horizon. He admitted it was the favorite part lately. He knew the parts that matched with the concept. He played the dessert rock, looked like a heating machine.

If you are a metal listener, Let’s Get The Party Started’ has the floor anthem in their arrangements. Tom Morello’s presence in Bring Me The Horizon single was really outstanding.

Tom Morello and Bring Me The Horizon made that beat can really understood. But the atmosphere of the hard rock is still filling in the whole music. How about you?

Written by Fantasia Imanda




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