BMTH Releases: Which The Best Tone for 2020?

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We already knew that Bring Me The Horizon had release their eighth record — Post Human: Survival Horror on October 30, 2020. In the mid of June 2020, Parasite Eve had released with its music video. We remember this MV was inspired from the Japanese Video Game and composed by Oliver Sykes. Thus, we learn about the pandemic situation from its release.

As reported from instagram, Bring Me The Horizon left a breathtaking post through a digital poster Teardrops. In this post, they create 3 slides that really impressive. Poster about Teardrops, Parasite Eve, and Obey with caption that popular: Which of these set the tone for 2020?

When it posted, we summarized the comments in it. They were all saying the different perspective about the releases. One said Teardrops, others said ‘the whole album’. When Sempiternal had been released long time ago, Bring Me The Horizon never make dissapoint. This is seen from their followers on Instagram. But honestly, these posters can’t make a move. They’re all always have a best performance.

The other side, Bring Me The Horizon also introduced their last recorded album called Post Human — listing 9 tracks. Kingslayer and Teardrops been most awaited from other releases.

Based on site on article “Album Review: Bring Me The Horizon — POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR”, it wasn’t enough for a clue. This album is exactly not cheery. A haunting reflection on right-wing politics and neo-liberalism, addiction, depression, and technological dependence. Seem the perfect color that is 2020. In this, Oli created as same as heavy like previous.

To be featured in this album is more experimental than ever. 9 tracks that bring us into the recent stories. Parasite Eve and Teardrops reflect a depression and anxiety. Both is moving and terrifying. ‘Obey’, that reminds us about the criticism of goverment in collaboration with YUNGBLUD. Contrastly, upbeat and energetic.

All elements of this album contains electronic music, the same as later songs. This album is completely in different style and tone than previous album: AMO. What do you think?




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Medium blogger & writer. Create a meaning in every chance

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