A portrait of an adequacy: when we have ones to eat tomorrow, the world is still in our grasp

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I see the whole pictures when I remember about this set of words: When you have ones to eat tomorrow, the world is still in our grasp.

A long journey take me to the higher level. I learned from the people, I feel there was a mistaken in the system. As right now. And in the future, we will be keep this in mind: thanksgiving.

A thanksgiving doesn’t make you poor, doesn’t make you feel suffer. But a thanksgiving, you are learning to live. Live by learning.

To the lines ‘When you have ones to eat tomorrow, the world is still in our grasp’ is the part of the thanksgiving concept. What a sickening words for they who always thirst of the wealthy. Doing the wrong things without having a mirror. See: reflections.

Any amounts you receive, any kind of goods you can consume, you are still living the world. Sometimes life taught you to think. And sometimes the problems make us to learn by day.

A big portrait of an adequacy

Have you seen someone eat lightly, and down to the cities, you see them with a warmed heart? Take a deep breath and throwing back days when you can eat tasty foods. Or when you walk over the cities, there is always home wherever you find them plain. A plain wear, a plain food, and a plain house. An adequacy concept splits over your mind.

When the worst one thing ever happened to you, God still save you from the lacks even you are in the down lines. It is a believing that we still have God. Tomorrow is still a hope. And you luck if you can pass the way. Remember that God never bring you to a bad place. God save you. It is what it is.

The upper things everyday never makes us reflect

We cannot hide all around us. But the real phenomena informs us to great thoughts: the inequality and the burdens should got us reflect. Can we thank for what we have right now? Actually we are not into a poor way, nor a limit. But this reflections should be constructed. And it is realized in our life.

The richest ever person in the world is believing this everyday. An adequacy. But we are still working for what we have to meet the daily needs. Even when we are in the highest level, we can brake the unwanted things.

The shortfalls is just a step of life, not for being fully trusted

This miracle sentence is not just the motivation. It is the next of an adequacy level. The shortfalls is not for fully trusted, it is just a step of life. Have you been thankful for today? Let’s keep it in mid. Let’s have a positive mind.

A good affirmation is always right. It is the way in order God answers our pray. A good pray for a good life. Should we? But before, thanks for reading this until the ends. May God saves you always.

Written by Fantasia Imanda




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Fantasia Imanda

Fantasia Imanda

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