5 Reasons Why People Don’t React to Your Post

Instagram, and the other social media are currently the mainstream media communication. The best way for us to express, to affect, even to motivate people and boost something. Instagram is not that easy to place our interests, reminding about the living rules about social media that you can’t break at all.

Sometimes we asked about this, how does my account can grow? And, where I can find my mistake relate to this? These absolutely the average questions you want to solve, but when nobody hears what you need, seem like you have to fight alone.

And here, through this story I want to share some experiences during active in social media. To understand the roots of the problem is the most important than to give a fake solution. I know that’s the things we should discuss together.

About Interests

Everyone, your family, your Dad, your Mom, has their own big interest about something. Your own interest differs than them. It emerges what they search on social media paltform like instagram. Your Mom likes cooking and everything about cooking tips, so she will concern about that. Others are just reference to know. Your friend does a beautiful art, so that they will share the painting or the creators they loved. So, know your audience what look alike. You can read your audience by the interactions or “who” they have followed you.

More Visuals More Affecting

Who doesn’t love make up art? Or beautiful modern painting? More visuals are affecting more your followers on social media. Admiring visually is the nature of all human being, neither boys or girls. But, you just have to know what the things they really like. What visual style you should put into your post. This may help to encourage you to post something beautiful.

Don’t make any interactions.

If you don’t interact with any kind of friends on your social media, you can’t get what you desire. But this is not only apply on the internet, you should know them in real life. They know what you love, your habits, and how you behave. So they can give the same thing to you, they can react to what you did, or the experience you feel.

Expect nothing, feel better.

When you have created a post, let them in. Let they see and give the value of your post, but it doesn’t mean you stop and give up thoroughly. You should expect nothing than think deeply. Make consistently about to post something, according to your own theme. Make them relate to you, because the connection is important.

You don’t give what they need.

Many posts about tips and tricks, motivations, beautiful words, about how to, that’s all accounts can give their followers about new knowledge or they don’t even know before. So they only can be affected by these ways. The solution is if you have many references about what’s the ongoing now, it can be your topic about to post. So we can attract more audiences through this.

By Fantasia Imanda B P.



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